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The Eco Division of Global Freight Solutions strives to provide optimal service in the areas of logistics, operations, warehousing, and project management. We support the end goal of our customers, to save our planet through green energy methods. We currently service the largest solar distribution company in North America along with wind energy, eco-friendly turbine engines, and also their suppliers. We are the "swiss army knife" for our customers as we provide everything from parcel service for small components , to the transport of large over-sized turbine engines via flatbed.

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We strive to be a leader in transportation performance by offering exceptional customer service at every level. Supported by industry professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we are able to streamline processes saving time and ensuring consistent shipping.

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Industries GFS eco Serves

  • Solar – Solar panel manufacturers, distributors, suppliers.
  • Green Energy Turbines – Manufacturers of engines that power hospitals, restaurants, homes, and office buildings.
  • Wind Energy – Stationery windmills that provide power where needed.

GFS eco division looks forward to partnering with any other industry which provides eco-friendly services or products.